Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Merda di artista"

People are frequently asking: What is the most disgusting or horrible thing called "art" that you have seen?
Our mind is worried is use feces and even dead bodies... still art?
let me put it that way, What sells as art must be art.
it is most honest you will ever read and if you ask your self abouth that thessis, ar you still worried it wont stand?

Please don't laugh, but public opinion of most odd piece of art : The most famous "the fountain" by Marchel Duchamp was in fact a urinal that was put on display.
On second place there is "Merda di artista", but people are not even shure, if they know how to call that work correctly, and the would never remember what is name of the artist.

When there is from speaking badly about the contemporary art, punctually it is ended with making I point out to this small scato it of Manzoni. The artist with a simple label has completed a caustic and controversial gesture that, forty years after, continues to animate arguments and manomissioni…
In the 1961 Piero Manzoni inscato it and he exposes the own excrements. There is little from adding. If not that, in spite of the common vulgata one, to hit it is just this disarming semplicita`: one scato it metallic of sealed conserve; a label that, in four languages (Italian, French, English, German), enunciates the content: thirty grams of merda “conserved to the natural one”, like puntigliosamente specified. Pulled in ninety exemplary (of which much today dispersed) like a multiple, everyone of these is sold to the price of the every day quotation the gold (enough this transition in order to establish a relationship with coevo the Yves Klein). But the past year a single piece has been acquired from the Tate Gallery for the sum of 52mila dollars: the excrements are become more precious to you of the gold.
Difficult to go beyond: one scato it has been enough to put in embarrassment formations of historians of the art, than they did not know more what to make itself some of their critical baggage. And when to the artefact - sculpture or object that is seemed to confarsi the more traditional lessico, these ends rovinosamente for being dragged in a gorgo fatal (faecal): how to articulate here, as an example, the relationship between contained shape and? Evidently, the eschatological callback does not make that to hide a thinner device, legacy not only to the fact - of for himself not pacific, but sure not new in the fenomenologia of the art of the nine hundred that I made them they can approach the sphere of the artistic one. Although it is Manzoni to complete the passage to the acte, is from the times of Cézanne that something of the sort - a creation anale- was in the air and already Apollinaire spoke about an Italian artist who around to 1913-14 painted using excrements, like today makes of the rest Chris Ofili.
Piero Manzoni - merda D
The more genuine scandal of the work is in fact that one to make to surrender the spectator to the own blindness and impotence to a visible object that renounces to donate itself totally to the sight (and the olfatto one), for ritrarsi in a permanent invisibilita`. To attest the content, solo enunciating printed on the aesthetic label second the canoni of the own one to packaging of the age and above all the company of the artist on the cover of the box it. The work demands an action of confidence in the power of nominazione of the language, in the testualita` that hides the facies visual that will not never make image. In other words, they are the words of Manzoni, and not its deiezioni, that they make problem. As J.P. Criqui has written, here we have to that to make with one “merda written”. The artistic content is them, to hand capacity, but second hidden modern logic of the smaltimento of the excrements (than lately a esuberante thinker like Žižek for its philosophical implications has interested).
Sure, one via of escape exists: to manomettere a box it and to see what are truly within, placing therefore fine to the unit of the work, to its classic equilibrium between shape and contained like to its gold value of exchange. An unavoidable step: some year it makes an artist French has opened one (as has remembered Denys Riout in a recent conference to the Centre Pompidou, crowded in spite of the ripugnanti images projected during one calm domenicale morning). Unfortunately the photography that testifies the operation is taken from one perspective that - still once! - it does not allow to watch within. In any case, from how much it is said, inside hides one scato it more small confirmed from a wadding layer that prevents them to sballottare. Other boxes them have been quite subordinates to i beams X, examination that would have confirmed the structure to matrioska. For the report, still nobody, up to now, has opened the box it more small: sterile operation, because the attempt of Manzoni was that one to make a work that it spoke about the art and its consumption. In this box in reality it is put it in conserve, in advance payment on the times, all upgrades them of the conceptual art.
But, please, don't worry. first you need to buy it, then to open the can ad see if it is like in the way of your imagination....

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