Monday, May 7, 2007

Expeditions in limits of all

Art, science and technology have so much in common. There are artist in arctic and Antarctic, to prove that, project of artist Marco Peljhan "Makrolab" (1997-2007) is in it last faze. "Makrolab"
is project of multimedia artist, Peljhan and in realization of institute project atol. We can watch the project from beginning of ten years ago, when it was build and shown for Documenta X in Kassel, to it's final state this year, the final state means it is going to become constant station for artist and scientist to work and create in Antarctic.
Project is flipping between art, science and technology, defined as conceptual artistic work and scientific laboratory, and durable architectural object it is a realized utopy and as well strategic place for reflexing actual global ecological social balance. It is functional living unit, research station for eight people , which is self controlled in energetic meaning. Till now it was build in Europe, Australia, United states(California), Africa(Johannesburg), and it was also in referential world exhibitions of happening in contemporary art, from Documenta, Venice Bienal, Manifesta, and Ars Eletronica. It is designed to research three basic human needs; survive, live, and make point in life.
The project is developed by Atol and I-TASC interpolar, transnational art science constellation,
A project was filmed by Saso Podgorsek movie is so called Atanarjuat and won golden palm in Caness, 2001. Check this link to get more technical and conceptual info on project.